Seib writes that Iran showdown nears

The Washington bureau chief of the Wall Street journal recently published an editorial arguing that the international effort to stop Iran from attaining nuclear weapons capability is about to enter a critical phase.

Gerald F. Seib said it is possible the world will know by the end of April whether diplomacy has been capable of diverting Tehran from its suspected goal, according to the Wall Street Journal.

"Throughout, it will be clear that, as ever, the quest to stop Iran from developing a nuclear weapon is best seen as a race against a clock-a clock that is being read differently in various world capitals," Seib said, the Wall Street Journal reports.

The United States and its partners are operating at a much slower speed than Israel, which is most threatened by a nuclear-armed Iran. While the United States has managed to garner support for tough sanctions, Israel remains weary. Seib said Israel views the latest diplomatic overtures from Washington as weaker than previous positions.

U.S. officials said that ultimately their goals have not changed and that the latest proposals should be viewed as part of an overall strategy with the same endpoint, a nuclear weapon-free Iran.

"In any case, the stage is being set all around-in the U.S., Israel and Iran-for a fateful spring," Seib said, the Wall Street Journal reports.