Qatar plans amendments to chemical weapons laws

Qatar recently announced plans to introduce amendments to an important law governing chemical weapons control.

The amendment has been designed to ensure that government agencies have clearly defined roles and responsibilities. Vice Chairman of the Qatari National Committee of the Prohibition of weapons Hassan Saleh al-Nesf said he hopes the amendments would be finalized by the end of the year, according to

Al-Nesf said that a ministerial committee is dealing with issues related to the import of classified materials and the statute governing it, Law 17 of 2007. He did not give further details about how imports would be controlled or monitored, but said the amendment mechanism would introduce new rules for companies planning to bring dual-use chemicals into Qatar.

The vice chairman said current laws allow for too much of an overlapping of responsibilities between various ministries such as trade, customs, environment, industry, and power and energy, according to

"With this, I think Qatar is going to have the best control regime in the world," al-Nesf said, reports.

Qatar recently opened a chemical weapons awareness training center in Doha for officials and stakeholders from the Middle East.

"We plan to turn that initiative into an excellence...and hope it will become a facility for people from all over the Asian continent," al-Nesf said, according to