Chemical weapon reports spotty in Syria

While recent newspaper reports in Europe claimed that Syria's government is using chemical weapons against children, experts said that there is still no evidence of chemical weapons being used in the deadly conflict.

Newspapers in the U.K. and France recently published a story about a boy named Omar who was being treated with sores, burns and paralyzed limbs caused by a nerve gas attack in Syria. The boy said he witnessed his family being killed in Homs by a bomb that emitted yellow smoke, Voice of Russia reports.

"So far the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights has seen no information and no verified reports of chemical weapons in Syria," a representative of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said, according to Voice of Russia. "And the reports being used by the French press are possibly linked to an event that happened on December 24, where six rebel fighters were killed in Homs by an intense use of (tear) gas canisters."

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said that the politics surrounding claims of chemical weapons use may be getting in the way of actual human rights violations.

"You can see the political push, the political motive of using such sensational things as chemical weapons or calling every war crime a massacre," the representative said, according to Voice of Russia. "It's the problem at the moment that people in Syria are politicizing every human rights abuse. To an extent devaluing the genuine war crimes. So far we haven't been able to verify any claims of the Syrian regime using chemical weapons."

U.S. President Barack Obama previously said that the use of chemical weapons would cross a red line and might lead to military intervention. The European newspapers said the lack of action after potential chemical weapon use shows a lack of willingness by the West to intervene in the conflict, Voice of Russia reports.