South Korea vows retaliation if North Korea attacks

The South Korean defense ministry said on Friday that North Korea's government will be wiped out if it attacks South Korea with a nuclear weapon.

South Korea's remark came shortly after North Korea said it would nullify non-aggression agreements between the two countries and sever a military hotline it has with South Korea. North Korea said the changes were in response to newly expanded sanctions approved by the United Nations, the Deccan Herald reports.

"I am telling you this as a member of the human race: If North Korea attacks South Korea with nuclear weapons, the Kim Jong Un regime will vanish from the earth by the will of the humanity," Kim Min-seok, a spokesman with the South Korean defense ministry, said, according to the Deccan Herald.

The stringent sanctions require U.N. member states to inspect North Korean air and ship cargo suspected of carrying banned materials. The sanctions will also tighten scrutiny of North Korean institutions and officials engaged in illegal activities.

The unanimous decision by all 15 members of the U.N. body occurred after North Korea conducted an underground test in February and a rocket launch in December.

Min-seok said South Korea increased its border surveillance and is prepared to immediately retaliate if the country is attacked, the Deccan Herald reports.