Sequestration cuts may affect Homeland Security contracts

Certain contracts for the remainder of the fiscal year may be cut by the Department of Homeland Security because of sequestration, according to Nick Nayak, the department's chief procurement officer.

No determination has been made so far about which contracts, if any, will be affected, but the notifications could be sent to specific contractors if funding is to be cut for the programs that they support, reports.

"At this time, DHS is taking every step to mitigate the effects of these cuts, though it is possible that sequestration may result in a reduction in the funds designated to purchase certain supplies and services as well as reduction in the government's capacity to administer DHS contracts. Such reductions may result in certain planned procurements being cancelled or reduced in scope and certain existing contracts being reduced in scope, terminated or partially terminated," Nayak said, according to

Contracts that are designated for reduction, termination or partial termination will be sent a formal notice. Each individual notice would hold instructions for the contractor on compliance with DHS orders under sequestration.

For acquisitions that have yet to be awarded, the department will update its Acquisition Planning Forecast System to reflect cancelations or delays.