U.S. Army brigade trains for CBRN response

Members of the 4th U.S. Army Maneuver Brigade recently met over several days to formulate and assess their response plans to assist in a chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear emergency.

The 4th MEB were participating in the Defense CBRN Nuclear Response Task Force, or DCRF, military decision-making process at the Maneuver Enhancement Support Center of Excellence Simulation Center at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri, MyGuidon.com reports.

"What we are planning is the operational plan for our response to a domestic CBRN incident, and we have incorporated not only the brigade staff but also our subordinate DCRF battalions, the 11th Engineer Battalion, the 3rd Chemical Battalion and the 385th Military Police Battalion into our planning process," Maj. Todd Heintzelman of the 4th MEB said, according to MyGuidon.com. "This will give us the foundation and way-ahead on how we are going to respond and coordinate in synchronized operation to rapidly save lives."

The brigade was selected to be the DRCF operations task force, which maintains the resources for CBRN detection, engineering programs and search and rescue missions. It can also provide air and ground transportation to supplement existing capabilities.

Capt. Jose Murillo, headquarters company military police section leader, said he was pleased with the military decision-making process as a means to prepare for the upcoming U.S. Northern Command annual DRCF validation exercise known as Vibrant Response, MyGuidon.com reports.