Netanyahu warns that Iran is still working on nuclear weapons

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned on Monday that Iran was treading ever closer to being able to construct a nuclear bomb and that sanctions and diplomacy were not working.

Netanyahu called for a "clear and credible military threat" to halt Tehran's nuclear progress. He added that Israel was becoming impatient with Washington's Iranian strategy in a move that could foreshadow Middle East talks with President Barack Obama later this month, Reuters reports.

"Words alone will not stop Iran," Netanyahu said, according to Reuters. "Sanctions alone will not stop Iran. Sanctions must be coupled with a clear and credible military threat if diplomacy and sanctions fail."

Netanyahu gave no indication that Israel was ready to act at a time when world powers are re-engaging in negotiations with Iran and the prime minster is forging a new government following January'e elections.

The remarks did, however, illustrate that international talks in Kazakhstan with Iran did little to quell Israel's concerns about Tehran's nuclear drive, Reuters reports.

Netanyahu hinted that Israel could strike Iran's nuclear sites if it believes that peaceful options will not work. He also pushed the Obama administration to set strict limits on Tehran's nuclear development that would trigger U.S. military action, fueling tensions between the two allies. Obama has so far resisted such demands.