Blue Grass Depot continues construction of new chemical weapon neutralization facility

The Blue Grass Army Depot in Central Kentucky is host to the construction of a $2 billion facility that will house the neutralization of approximately 523 tons of dangerous chemical weapons.

In 2009, construction began on a three-story weapon destruction building at the Madison County depot. The Pentagon agreed to allocate the funds needed for construction after years of military demands that the weapons, such as mustard gas, sarin gas and VX gas, be destroyed by incineration, reports.

The weapons are currently stored at the depot on a 15,000 acre plot in Central Kentucky. The facility is approximately 60 percent finished and contains walls that are two and a half feet thick to withstand a chemical leak or blast.

"If there was an unexpected detonation, the effects of that pressure, the shrapnel, as well as the release of the agent, would totally be contained within the structure," Craig Williams, a member of the chemical weapons working group, said, according to

The weapon destruction facility is expected to be complete by mid-2015. Upon completion, startup teams will test each system to ensure that it works properly and safely. Officials plan to have all of the chemical weapons destroyed by 2023, reports.