Australian woman hospitalized after white powder scare

An Australian woman was recently hospitalized after opening a letter filled with white powder at a real estate office in Gawker, South Australia.

The envelope was addressed to the husband of outspoken real estate manager Hayley Marley-Duncan, who was recently profiled on Australian television for her tough tactics. The hospitalized woman, Jade Foraonio, works as a receptionist at Marley-Duncan's office, according to

Foraonio called Marley-Duncan after becoming suspicious about the envelope. She eventually decided to open the letter, which was covered in hearts and included a sympathy card and white powder. The receptionist was quickly overcome with watery eyes, chest pain and severe itching, at which point she was taken to a nearby hospital.

Although no link has been made between the anonymous perpetrator and Marley-Duncan, there is some suspicion the incident may be related to the property manager's abrasive manner and her corresponding battles with tenants and rivals.

Marley-Duncan said that her husband recently received a death threat and that prank calls have been made to her office in Gawker, approximately 40 miles from the center of Adelaide, according to

"They're gutless, you know, they'll never come up to our face, David's waiting for it," Marley-Duncan said, reports. "If they want a warfare, come and do it to my face."