Hotzone Solutions signs cooperative agreement with Czech CBRN defense

The Netherlands-based Hotzone Solutions recently signed a cooperation agreement with the Joint Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Defense Center of Excellence in Vyskov, Czech Republic.

The agreement covers cooperation between Hotzone Solutions and the JCBRN CoE in the area of CBRN course support, consulting and advice in the area CBRN defense, and the development of future modeling and simulation capabilities.

The JCBRN CoE will be encouraged to seek CBRN subject matter experts to carry out training and consulting activities under their supervision. They will also be allowed to evaluate and provide a written assessment of all Hotzone Solutions courses and activities upon the request of Hotzone Solutions. Evaluations and assessments may also be conducted at the Hostzone Solutions International CBRN Institute, located in Belgium.

Hotzone Solutions courses can be granted the status of "In compliance with NATO JCBRN Defense CoE standards" after their evaluation.

Hotzone solutions said that it considers the agreement to be an example of civil-military cooperation that will allow it to further increase and diversify its training capabilities. It will also allow Hotzone Solutions to increase the quality of its services in the field of CBRN incident management. The company currently provides a variety of live agent training and equipment testing for CBRN professionals.