Satellite pictures show Iran continues to work at suspected weapons site

Satellite photographs have confirmed that Iran has continued its expansion of a military site where it has allegedly been conducting nuclear weapons experiments.

For eight years, international nuclear weapons inspectors have been refused access to the military complex at Parchin, where Iran is accused of testing rockets and explosives. Parchin has supposedly been used for experiments that include detonators placed inside explosives containment vessels, according to the Daily Telegraph.

A report by the United Nations International Atomic Energy Agency said that any such tests would be a strong indicator that Iran is developing a nuclear weapon.

Inspectors were last let into the complex in 2005, but satellite images show that new facilities have been built inside Parchin. One photograph, taken last October, shows a cluster of three new buildings near a tunnel entrance. An analysis conducted by McKenzie Intelligence Services said that the area has the appearance one would expect of a research and test facility.

"One of the buildings appears to be for the purpose of an activity that requires venting, possibly a test facility or laboratory. The other large building appears to be a control building to monitor activity in the first building," the intelligence service said, the Daily Telegraph reports.

The largest building has been constructed into a hillside at a relatively remote location, which suggests that whatever is taking place inside warrants a significant amount of protection should something go wrong, according to the Daily Telegraph.

The photographs confirm IAEA conclusions from early February that Iran continues to construct facilities inside Parchin. Some efforts even appear to be attempts to cover up previous work.