Massachusetts man arrested with bomb-making material

A man was recently arrested outside a Leominster, Massachusetts, bookstore in possession of a variety of chemicals that, if combined, would create a lethal grenade.

Jesse Holland is being held without bail after his arraignment on charges of possession of an incendiary device, chemical/bio/nuclear weapons, possession of a Class A substance, and possession of an electric stun gun with intent to sell. He is to continue to be held without bail pending a dangerousness hearing, according to

Holland was apprehended after an officer doing a building check at a Barnes & Noble store noticed a lone vehicle in the parking lot. When officers shined a light on the vehicle, they saw a man shifting around an unusual amount inside.

The occupant, Holland, exited the vehicle and moved toward the officers. They ordered him back to his car and searched inside. They found a stun gun, white pills, vitamins and items they believed could be used to make an explosive device. The items included iron powder, aluminum powder, magnesium metal ribbon, a metal wire and an emergency jump-start battery.

Holland works for Command Security Corp., which provides security services to area companies, as well as to Waltham High School. Holland allegedly told the officers he took the materials from the school's chemistry storage room, according to

"The State Police Bomb Squad was there and said that it would likely burn through metal," Leominster police Sgt. Richard Kinney said, reports. "It's like a grenade that the military would use. They confiscated a computer out of his car, so he may have been tapping into the wireless Internet there."