Woman receives white powder letter from imprisoned son

Hazardous materials teams, local law enforcement units and rescue crews were recently dispatched to a South Carolina home after a letter containing white powder arrived.

The incident occurred in the town of Summerville, which is part of the Charlottesville metropolitan area. The women living in the house called authorities after she received a letter from her son, who is currently incarcerated in King County Jail in Seattle, Washington, according to Live5News.com.

The letter was addressed to the woman's daughter, who gave her the envelope after reading the word anthrax on it. The woman took the envelope to a separate room to finish opening it when she noticed the white powder. She then ran to the bathroom, locked herself inside and called the sheriff's office.

Sheriff's deputies said that there were additional unopened letters from the son at the house, but they had not been opened, according to Live5News.com.

The local hazmat unit tested the substance in their mobile laboratory and found it to be non-threatening to the victim, her daughters and the surrounding neighborhood. They have not released any information about what the substance actually was.

Members of the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation Joint Terrorism Task Force were also called to the scene to begin an investigation, according to ABCNews4.com.