Kerry: Iranian government with nukes is unacceptable

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry visited London on Monday and met with British Foreign Prime Minister William Hague in preparation for an upcoming discussion of Iranian nuclear issues in Kazakhstan.

The five permanent members of the U.N. Security Council and Germany will sit down with Iran as the latter nation continues to develop its nuclear program. Kerry said that he shared Britain's concerns about the possibility of a nuclear-armed Iran, UPI reports.

"As we've said again and again, an Iran with a nuclear weapon in that region, and given all that has happened, is simply unacceptable," Kerry said, according to UPI.

Iran's relationship with Syria led to concern during the Syrian civil war and Tehran was also accused of interfering in conflicts in Yemen.

Iran met with the International Atomic Energy Agency recently to discuss a nuclear program for peaceful purposes.

Kerry said that the opportunity to find a diplomatic solution to the issue is dwindling and cannot remain open indefinitely.

Hague said that Britain was approaching the talks in Kazakhstan in good faith.

"However Iran should not doubt our resolve to ensure that nuclear proliferation in the Middle East is prevented," Hague said, according to UPI.

Kerry will be stopping in nine countries as part of a listening tour, including visits to Paris, Rome, Berlin and the Middle East, UPI reports.