Northern Ireland prepares for CBRN threat to June G8 Summit

The Western Health and Social Care Trust, a healthcare corporation in Northern Ireland, is planning for the risk of a potential chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear terror attack at the June G8 Summit to be held at Fermanagh.

At a recent meeting of the Western Trust Board, executive and non-executive directors heard that a G8 planning group is the middle of creating a contingency plan in case of a CBRN event. Previous locations have had the benefit of a year's worth of time to plan, but Fermanagh must get ready for the meeting of world leaders in less than four months, according to

Assistant Director of Performance and Service Improvement for the Western Trust Donna Allen said that the summit is scheduled for only two days, but they must be prepared for a period of no less than two weeks.

"Some delegates are arriving earlier but the very, very important people will just be arriving on the day, or the day before and just staying for the two days," Allen said, reports. "We will have to take into consideration that this event will me a mass gathering, crowd control, public disorder.

"In terms of protests we are unclear of the figures so it is difficult to plan for that. But the PSNI [Police Service of Northern Ireland] have communicated their concerns regarding planned protests so far and Fermanagh District Council have already got requests for protests too."

Allen said current plans are to expect a surge of between 15,000 to 20,000 people to the area.

"We have to look at the potential difficulty there may be with access to the Trust's sites, difficulty in access to service users, difficulty for transport services, staff absence down to travel or related issues and the risk of mass casualties," Allen said, reports. "We have to look at the CBRN -- chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear -- risks too, such is the threat in the world at the minute."