EDA and EC to chair CBRN research workshop

The European Defense Agency and the European Commission recently announced that they will organize and chair a workshop to present their accomplishments in the field of chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear protection research.

Specifically, the EDA and EC hope to highlight their achievements under the established European Framework Cooperation. The workshop is currently scheduled to begin on March 13 as a side event of the Security Conference at HOMSEC 2013 in Madrid.

Different speakers are to be featured from a representative number of projects under EDA's Joint Investment Program CBRN and the EC's FP7 Security Research Program. The presentations will reportedly include an explanation of how results can be exchanged between frameworks, as well as future European perspectives on civil-military research.

The workshops topics will include civil-military cooperation in Spain as part of the COINCIDENTE program and DABRA Project, CBRN mobile laboratories and security industrial policy, and developing a standard mandate on CBRN.

The workshop will end with a discussion led by the co-chairs Tristan Simonart of the EC and Gerlof de Wilde of the EDA.

The overall objective of the European Framework Cooperation is to promote research and development between the EDA and EC in order to coordinate projects and avoid duplicate research.