Connecticut police look into potential anthrax threat

Connecticut government officials issued a statement on Tuesday about a potential anthrax threat directed at Governor Dannel Malloy that was contained by state health officials.

Officials said that someone called the governor's office on Friday after purportedly mailing an envelope to the governor that contained anthrax. On Tuesday, an envelope with the caller's return address was discovered in the state legislature's mail room, the Hartford Courant reports.

The City of Hartford Health Department, the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection, and state police worked on site with State Capitol Police to protect against the threat, which was considered very low level. The envelope passed through the screening process at the Hartford Post Office without detecting anything unusual and the letter was immediately quarantined upon arrival at the mail room.

Other incoming and outgoing mail that may have come in contact with the envelope was also quarantined until the processing of final lab results. A very preliminary test of the envelope returned negative results for the presence of anthrax, the Hartford Courant reports.

The mail room and copy/supply center at the legislative office building will be off limits to all employees for the next several days.

A final report on the envelope is expected approximately 72 hours after the office received the envelope.