U.N. secretary general says Iran using talks to cover nuclear ambitions

United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon recently said that Iran might be using negotiations to cover its intent to build a nuclear device.

Ban said that he wishes to accelerate diplomatic efforts and give them a new sense of urgency while there is still time left. World leaders plan to hold another meeting with Tehran later in the month to resolve questions about the scope of its nuclear development, according to the Washington Post.

"We should not give much more time to the Iranians, and we should not waste time," Ban said, the Washington Post reports. "We have seen what happened with the DPRK.

"It ended up that they [were] secretly, quietly, without any obligations, without any pressure, making progress."

North Korea appears to have exploded a third nuclear device after exploiting a decade of fitful and fruitless diplomatic efforts. Ban said the world must act decisively in the case of Iran to make it clear that the world is not convinced of its claims that it is not seeking a weapon.

Ban made the statements ahead of a meeting with new U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry. Kerry said talks with Iran will only progress if the Iranians are ready to make and discuss real offers and engage in dialog.

"We are not going to get trapped into a delay-after-delay process here," Kerry said, the Washington Post reports. "It is incumbent on the Iranians to prove that they are prepared to meet our willingness, President Obama's willingness, again and again stated by the president, to be open to a diplomatic resolution here."