IAEA makes no progress with Iran at talks

Iran and the United Nations' International Atomic Energy Agency failed to reach a deal that would allow inspectors access to supposed nuclear facilities.

The IAEA's top negotiator, Herman Nackaerts, told reporters that the two sides were unable to agree on a date for any future meeting. Nackaerts made the statement while at the Vienna International Airport, immediately after returning from his one-day trip to Tehran, according to Bloomberg.

"We had discussions on the structured approach document but could not finalize the document," Nackaerts said, Bloomberg reports. "As you know, that document, once agreed, should facilitate the resolution of outstanding issues regarding possible military dimensions of Iran's nuclear program. However, our commitment to continued dialogue is unwavering.

"We will work hard now to try and resolve the remaining differences, but time is needed to reflect on the way forward. As on previous occasions, we were not granted access to Parchin."

When asked if progress was made, Nackaerts said that he was in the middle of the negotiations and that it would be difficult to make any comment. He said any changes would be announced.

A team of U.N. inspectors met with Iranian officials in order to win greater access to people and places, including Parchin military base.