Pharmaco-Kinesis wins industry award for biosensors

Business consulting firm Frost & Sullivan recently awarded Pharmaco-Kinesis Corporation its 2013 Global Frost & Sullivan Award for New Product Innovation for the company's biosensor.

Frost & Sullivan said that it conducted a recent analysis of the global biosensor market and determined that the company set a new standard for its multi-pathogen electrochemical impedance spectroscopy detection device. The device is portable, reusable and capable of detecting a variety of pathogens, including severe acute respiratory syndrome.

None of PKC's biosensors use test strips or incubators. Instead, they have a biosensor container with an electrochemical sensor attached to the base, a liquid mixer and a microprocessor. Pathogens can be detected remotely and in real-time.

"PKC's new biosensor offers a number of advantages over the other pathogen test solutions in the market," Frost & Sullivan analyst Dr. Rajender Thusu said. "For example, the lateral flow method requires about eight hours for sample preparation and testing, while PKC's new technology takes only four hours. Further, PKC's technology can detect E. coli 0157:H7, even when it is present in colonies of hundreds, a considerably smaller population than required by other test methods."

Although designed for use across a number of application areas, PKC's biosensors are used primarily in food processing. They also demonstrate high growth potential in the application areas of patient care monitoring, biodefense, environmental monitoring and infection control. Another key application area of detection for biomarkers is related to all cancer types, as well as the genetic makers, DAN, RNA and CNS battery of diseases, including Alzheimer's biomarkers, Parkinson and MS.