Pressure BioSciences announces new board member

Pressure BioSciences, Inc., recently announced that Dr. Mickey Urdea will fill the vacancy on its board of directors.

Wayne Fritzsche, a longtime board member, resigned in early February to accept a management position at PBI. Urdea will be designated a class III board member whose term will expire at the 2014 shareholders meeting. In addition to his responsibilities as a member of the company's board of directors, Urdea plans to develop and lead PBI's scientific advisory board.

"Mickey's technical experience, gained from bench scientist to widely-recognized R&D leader spanning multiple successful cutting-edge technologies, will contribute strongly to the selection and development of key markets for our patented pressure cycling technology platform," Chairman of the Board of Directors Jeffrey Peterson said. "His entrepreneurial success in founding and leading nationally-acclaimed companies in biomarker discovery, personalized medicine, and healthcare strategic consulting will be immensely useful as we continue our aggressive PCT commercialization strategy. We are honored and privileged to welcome Mickey to the PBI Board."

Urdea said that PCT has potential to gain widespread use as a vital sample preparation tool for research and clinical labs around the world.

"Since being introduced to PCT just three months ago, I have become fascinated with the current applications and extensive future potential uses of this cutting-edge technology platform," Urdea said.