Multinational Cobra Gold 2013 exercise begins

Cobra Gold 2013, the annual Asian multinational joint training session, recently kicked off in Thailand.

The exercise is sponsored by the Thai-U.S. Pacific Command and is planned to demonstrate the ability of the participants to engage combined-joint operations and to enhance their interoperability. Personnel from at least 30 nations will train for chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear warfare, according to .

U.S. Pacific Command Commander Admiral Samuel J. Locklear III said that the maneuvers will replicate the dynamic environment his forces should expect to find themselves in during current and future combat.

"It is critical to building our multinational coordination, our interoperability with all of our partners in the region and to allow us to collectively respond to crises and protect the peace and prosperity of all our people," Locklear said, reports.

The training exercise is scheduled for 10 days, during which 13,000 participants from the United States, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore and other nations will be joined by representatives from more than 20 observer countries. They will participate in computer-simulated scenarios, combined arms live-fire exercises, humanitarian projects and field training.

Cobra Gold 2013 is the 32nd exercise of its particular series and is scheduled to run though February 21.