Russia details infantry combat uniform of the future

Pravda, the newspaper run by the Communist Party of the Russian, recently published an article detailing its conception of the future capabilities of infantry combat uniforms, including their resistance to biological and chemical weapons.

The newspaper predicts that military uniforms will become complete systems connected by computer technology and produced using state-of-the-art material. Their sophistication, however, will be limited by the amount of funding available for research and technology.

"By 2025, military helmets for ground troops will represent personalized systems that will be used to carry tiny and super-light communication and life support systems," Pravda writer Vyacheslav Shpakovsky said. Helmets will be made of kevlar or ballistic nylon with traumatic gasket to protect soldiers from bullet impacts. "In the lower part of the helmet, where the face remains open, will be equipped with a double filter system, mounted on the side of the helmet. The filters will guarantee complete protection from chemical and biological weapons, as well as from radioactive and other toxic substances. In short, soldiers will be completely protected from the dangers that may not always be detected."

Vyacheslav said that future combat boots will have soles that protect against chemical and biological threats. Future gloves will do the same, and both will be connected to the uniform and sealed. Every infantryman will also have a small device to determine whether they have been exposed to a chemical, biological or radiological threat.