Umatilla shuts down last chemical weapons incineration furnace

The Umatilla Chemical Depot's incineration plant recently shut down the last furnace it used to destroy chemical agent and munitions.

The Metal Parts Furnace at the Umatilla Chemical Agent Disposal Facility in Umatilla, Oregon, started operations in September 2005, processing batches of munitions filled with GB nerve agent. In seven years and five months, the furnace eliminated for than one million pounds of chemical agent and more than 100,000 chemical-filled munitions, according to

The plant possessed four furnaces for processing all of the bombs, projectiles, spray tanks and ton containers in the stockpile. One furnace system was used to destroy rockets and mines, and two others were liquid incinerators used to destroy the bulk of the agent extracted from the munitions.

At the end of chemical weapons incineration operations in October 2011, the plant began the process of destroying 1.5 million pounds of secondary waste. The last batch of secondary waste was sent through the furnace at approximately the same time the project delivered a report to the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality confirming the end of operations, reports.

The secondary waste generated as closure work will be shipped to a regional landfill near the facility, or to a specialized facility located in Texas.