DHS releases RFP for BioWatch Gen 3 to PositiveID

PositiveID Corporation, a developer of biological agent detection equipment, recently announced that it is has received a draft request proposal from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security for the first stage of the BioWatch Generation 3 project.

BioWatch Generation 3 is slated to become the fully automated third iteration of the U.S. biodetection system specifically designed to protection the nation from biological threats. PositiveID said that it expects the final request for proposal to be released in the government's third of fiscal year 2013.

The eventual contract for stage one is expected to have a performance period of 1.5 years. The final BioWatch Gen 3 rollout is estimated to be valued at $3.1 billion over the next five years.

"We believe that PositiveID is well positioned for BioWatch Generation 3, as our M-BAND detection technology was the only system of its kind successfully demonstrated in the field as part of the DHS Science & Technology Directorate BAND (BioAgent Autonomous Networked Detector) Program," William Caragol, PositiveID's chairman and CEO, said.

M-BAND refers to the Microfluidics-based BioAgent Autonomous Networked Detector developed by PositiveID under a DHS S&T contract. It is a bioaerosol monitor with fully automated and integrated sample collection, processing and detection modules. M-BAND continuously samples the air for a select number of dangerous bacteria, viruses and toxins.

"In October 2012, we issued a corporate update to our stockholders about the BioWatch program, stating that we were in discussions with strategic partners to manufacture and sell M-BAND, and reiterating our belief that the BioWatch program would soon begin to roll out," Caragol said. "The release of the draft RFP for Stage 1 of BioWatch Generation 3 validates this belief and re-confirms the U.S. Government's focus on protecting the nation from biological threats."