Online homeland security survey nets five million responses

After receiving more than five million responses, author Lee Dodson has decided to shut down his Homeland Security Terrorism Survey.

Dodson, the author of "Infiltration," an action-adventure story about a terrorist attack on American soil, started the survey to generate interest in his writing. He expected less than a million responses and was surprised at the large amount of interest, according to

"The issue of Border Security has been shoved aside to cover sub issues. There are big concerns here. We've been attacked on home turf, Benghazi, on the anniversary of 9/11/01, Ft. Hood before that, Times Square, the Underwear Bomber, and nobody in authority takes it seriously enough to let the public in on it?" Dodson said, reports.

Dodson acknowledged that the survey is unscientific, but says that it does reveal what many Americans are thinking. He also said that he will reveal surprising data about what countries have taken an interest in his survey and press releases.

The survey shows respondents overwhelmingly believe that America will be attacked by terrorists, that an attack will cause a large loss of life, and that biological or chemical weapons could be used. Of course, an overwhelming majority of respondents also believe the government is hiding the truth about terrorism from the American people and that they will have to defend themselves from any threat.