Enware develops new chemical neutralization product

Enware Australia Pty Limited, an Australian supplier of air, water and gas solutions, recently announced the development of a proprietary formulation that neutralizes a wide range of toxic chemicals.

Fast-Act is a formulation of safe earth minerals meant to neutralize the risk of hazardous spills. The technology was first used to neutralize toxic and chemical warfare agents in the United States. The product is now available for emergency response, industrial, laboratory and public protection applications.

Fast-Act can be used effectively against organic compounds, caustic and acidic gases, phosphorous compounds, halogenated compounds and acids. As part of a Fast-Act environmentally-friendly spill response kit, the formulation is able to neutralize liquid and vapor contaminants in soil, water and air, act rapidly upon contact to reduce threats to human life, be used easily as part of a portable delivery system and be used with no special training needed.

The dry powder formulation is non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-flammable and environmentally friendly. The product is used in chemical neutralization cylinders and pails and can be distributed in a shaker bottle, pressurized cylinder or bulk pail package depending on the application.

Enware also develops emergency response equipment such as protective clothing, equipment and dry items for use in chemical, biological and nuclear incidents.