South Africa's Dr. Death gives motivational talk

Dr. Wouter Basson, the cardiologist and apartheid-era head of the South Africa's chemical and biological weapons program, recently gave what was described as "a motivational talk" at a Cape Town country club.

Basson, known as "Dr. Death," is currently under investigation by the Health Professions Council of South Africa for charges of unprofessional and/or unethical conduct. In 2002, Basson was charged with a litany of offenses ranging from drug possession to embezzlement. Charges against him relating to the deaths of 200 Namibians were dismissed because they occurred in a different country, according to the Guardian.

Basson is believed to have had ultimate control of Project Coast, a top secret military project run from 1980 to 1990 that included biological and chemical weapons development and testing.

Leslie London, a University of Cape Town Health Sciences Professor of Public health, said that giving Dr. Death an invitation to speak was a mistake.

"I think it inappropriate for someone who has a professional misconduct inquiry against him ongoing, who admitted to running a chemical and biological warfare program in contravention of existing international medical ethical codes, and whom the TRC identified as having procured lethal weapons, to be given a billing as a motivational speaker," London said, the Guardian reports.

Kelvin Grove responded tersely to questions about the club's decision.

"Trust you will respect the club's decision in this regard - we are a private club and under no obligation to respond," Kelvin Grove's marketing manager said, the Guardian reports.