U.K. declines to comment on reported Israeli raid on Syria

The United Kingdom refused to comment on a recently reported Israeli raid on Syria that targeted a military research center based on chemical weapon transfer suspicions.

Bashar al-Assad's Syrian regime claimed on Wednesday that Israel had launched an airstrike on a military facility near Damascus. Syria said that two people were killed and five people were injured in the attack, PressTV reports.

British Foreign Secretary William Hague declined to comment on the issue. Hague is a member of the Conservative Friends of Israel, a British parliamentary group affiliated with the Tory Party with the goal of strengthening Israeli ties with the United Kingdom.

If the Israeli airstrikes are confirmed, it could be labeled as a violation of the U.N. Charter, international law and a direct violation of Syria's sovereignty.

The reported attack occurred days after Israel moved two batteries of its Iron Dome missile defense system to the north. Israel expressed fear that the Syrian conflict could lead to chemical weapons leaking into Lebanon and falling into the hands of Hezbollah or other military groups.

Amnon Sofrin, the former senior director of Israel's Secret Intelligence Service, said that it was unlikely Israel would directly attack chemical weapon stocks, AFP reports.

"When you go and attack a...chemical weapons depot, you're going to do unwarranted damage because every part will leak out and can cause damage to many residents," Sofrin said, according to AFP. "But if you know of a convoy leading these kind of weapon systems from Syria to Lebanon, you can send a unit to the proper place and try to halt it."