Homeland Security looks to rapid prototyping

The Science and Technology Directorate of the Department of Homeland Security recently issued a request for information aimed at gathering data about rapid prototyping technology.

The RFI says that the Science and Technology Directorate aims to introduce the technology into its research and development processes. Rapid prototyping, also known as three-dimensional printing, enables the quick production of physical models using computer drafted designs, according to Objet.com.

An Science and Technology Directorate statement objectives said that the RFI will help to determine whether the flexible capability to rapidly develop and deliver models, prototypes and products will facilitate the adoption of sponsored technologies directorate-wide.

The DHS said that it is possible that rapid prototyping would allow the agency to take a technical concept from idea through design and development into a working model more quickly than traditional methods. The agency said that the technology has the potential to greatly benefit U.S. border and maritime security, chemical/biological defense, cyber security, resiliency and first responders, Objet.com reports.

The Science and Technology Directorate offered a potential project interested parties could use to explain their capabilities. The directorate has a surveillance camera in a laboratory model that is not ready for production and is looking for a potential performer to use the technology to improve the design, test it and bring it to the market.