Hillary Clinton comments on Syrian chemical weapon threat

Hillary Clinton recently discussed the chemical weapon threat posed by Syria during an interview with ABC Nightline's Cynthia McFadden as part of Clinton's final television appearance as secretary of state.

Clinton referred to the issue with Syria as an extremely complex problem that has developed horrifically. Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta recently said that Bashar al-Assad's Syrian regime had chemical weapons prepared and loaded, which would seem to breach the original red line set by President Barack Obama's administration. Clinton clarified that the red line was the use of chemical weapons, ABC News reports.

"The use of chemical weapons, President Obama has said, is a redline," Clinton said, according to ABC News.

Clinton said that other countries are facing the dilemma of whether or not to intervene militarily in the conflict that has led to the deaths of many thousands of Syrians.

"In all of my discussions with many of the countries in the region and beyond, everyone is facing the same dilemma," Clinton said, according to ABC News. "It is very hard to train and equip opposition fighters. It is very hard to know who is going to emerge from this, and making the wrong bet could have very severe consequences. So there are certain positions and actions we've taken, and we've also laid down the red line on chemical weapons because that could have far-reaching effects beyond even the street-to-street fighting that is so terrible to watch. And it could also affect other countries."

During the interview, Clinton also discussed the international sanctions brought against North Korea for testing its missile and nuclear weapons programs, the appointment of Senator John Kerry as the new secretary of state and the recent Benghazi hearings, ABC News reports.