Namibia records two anthrax deaths

Peter Angola, the director of health in Namibia's Oshikoto Region, recently confirmed that two people in the Oniipa constituency have died as a result of eating cattle infected with anthrax.

An additional eight villagers have also been treated at the Onandjokwe Lutheran Hospital after eating the infected meat, with some transferred to the Oshakati State Hospital, reports.

The majority of the villagers who were affected were from the Omadhiya and Omulonga villages.

As a result of the infections, Angola said, the Onanjokwe Lutheran Hospital was overcrowded with patients, according to

Because of the ability of anthrax to rapidly spread among people, medical personnel have been dispatched to the affected villages to provide treatment to those who might have ingested meat from the infected cattle.

One villager, a student from the University of Namibia campus in Windhoek, is still unaccounted for and authorities are searching for him so that he can be treated.

In addition to treatment for humans who are infected, the ministry of agriculture is planning a mass immunization campaign for animals, with a special focus on cattle from the Omadhiya and Omulonga villages, reports.

Measures have also been enacted at the Onanjokwe Hospital to isolate suspected cases and people who have already been diagnosed with anthrax infections.