Presidential limo can withstand bioattack

Details of President Barack Obama's presidential limousine were released this week, including that it uses a gallon of gasoline every eight miles due to its heady armor and size and that it carries its own oxygen.

The limousine, dubbed "The Beast," carries armor, high-high tech gadgetry, and offensive and defensive gear to protect the president. The limousine is constructed mainly of titanium, steel, ceramic and aluminum, making the car so quiet that special microphones on the body are needed to that the driver and passengers can hear what's going on around the car, reports.

In addition to carrying its own night-vision cameras and a firefighting system, the car has run-flat tires, tear gas cannons and steel wheels. The president's blood is also carried aboard the car.

The limo can survive a biological attack because of its special lock-down mechanism that seals the interior, according to

A command and control center liasoned with the White House Communications Agency Roadrunner vehicle through an encrypted method allows it to communicate with the 45 other cars in the typical U.S. based trips that the limo is employed for.

The car is rumored to have been built at a cost of $300,000.

William McKinley was the first president to ride in an automobile, while Teddy Roosevelt is commonly cited as the first president to use a motorized vehicle regularly. Roosevelt was also responsible for converting the stable at the White House into a motorized garage.