Napolitano to continue as Homeland Security Secretary

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano will continue at her post as President Barack Obama starts his second term, according to the White House.

Napolitano's decision to continue at her position is seen as an opportunity to continue improving the operation of the Department of Homeland Security, though experts say that improvement will only come as a result of significant effort.

According to the Heritage Foundation, DHS is in need of a strong strategic vision based around key priorities for the next four years and not a massive reorganization or dismantling.

Five critical priorities have been eyed as key to improving the department, including recapitalizing the Coast Guard; strengthening intelligence, counterterrorism and information sharing; rethinking aviation security; reforming FEMA to focus on catastrophic events and driving institutional reform to create centralized management authority.

One major change the department should focus on, according to the Heritage Foundation, is to begin functioning as a joint enterprise model with the Department of Justice to continue counterterrorism efforts.

To further that goal, DHS should reduce the number of fusion centers and stop states from being allowed to take 20 percent of the Urban Areas Security initiative funding for fusion centers.

The DHS should also do more to ensure to integrate state and local governments, the Heritage Foundation recommended.