Guam reports 2012 advances in CBRN preparedness

The U.S. Pacific Island Territory of Guam recently highlighted its achievements over the last year in bolstering its public safety services, including its ability to respond to a chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear attack.

Guam Homeland Security and the Guam Office of Civil Defense said that it hopes to use the following year to bolster its accomplishments from 2012. Over the last year, the office spent more than $800,000 in buying new equipment and conducting certification training with the Guam Fire Department. Both the training and equipment are to be used to increase the department's ability to respond to a CBRN event, according to

In addition, GHS and the Guam Office of Civil Defense spent another $800,000 to strengthen communications between its first responders by purchasing new radio equipment. With the new training and equipment, the GFD plans to create its own hazardous materials team.

Guam first responders are scheduled to participate in an upcoming full-scale terrorist attack exercise that will aid them in revising the Guam Emergency Response Plan, which will soon be known as the Guam Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan. Guam public safety officials also plan to develop the Marianas Regional Fusion Center in the upcoming year. The center will receive, analyze, gather and share information between local and federal partners, reports.