DTRA awards $3.3 million contract to PsiOxus for vaccine adjuvants

PsiOxus Therapeutics, Ltd., an Oxford, United Kingdom-based development stage biotechnology company, announced the award of a $3.3 million contract on Wednesday to develop biodefense vaccine adjuvants for an anthrax vaccine candidate.

The Defense Threat Reduction Agency awarded PsiOxus Therapeutics with the three-year contract to use the company's proprietary PolyMAP technology to improve the efficacy and safety of two vaccine candidates, the recombinant protective antigen for anthrax and the Venezuelan equine encephalopathy virus. PolyMAP is an immunotherapeutic platform that combines synthetic adjuvants and polymers to improve vaccine effectiveness.

"We are honored to have received this contract from the DTRA and excited at the prospect of helping to improve the safety and efficacy of these two very important vaccine candidates using the PolyMAP technology," John Beadle, the CEO of PsiOxus Therapeutics, said. "Adjuvant platforms are key to innovating and growing the global vaccine market, and we are confident that our immunotherapeutic platform PolyMAP, along with our oncolytic vaccines expertise and team of renowned scientists, will play a significant and long-term role in the future of the industry."

PsiOxus Therapeutics uses non-traditional approaches to develop novel therapeutics to fight cancer and other clinically unmet diseases.