USAMRIID posts Fort Detrick incident report count online

The U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases at Fort Detrick, Maryland, recently posted a long-awaited web page disclosing information about safety and security incidents in their BSL-3 and BSL-4 laboratories.

The website separates incidents by type, including slips, falls, leaks, spills, cuts, needle sticks and animal bites. In 2011, BSL-3 labs at USAMRIID registered 34 incidents with nine potential exposures and BSL-4 labs reported 30 incidents and one potential exposure, according to

"I think they're doing a really credible job in trying to make the information clear and available," Beth Willis said, reports.

Willis is the co-chairwoman of the Containment Laboratory Community Advisory Committee, which is charged with developing communication between area laboratories that work with dangerous biological agents and the communities that surround them.

The committee has been pushing for more transparency from USAMRIID in recent months. Willis said more information should be added to the site, such as internal and external lab audit reports and USAMRIID's guidelines for gauging reportable incidents.

Neal Woollen, USAMRIID's director of safety, security and biosurety, said that more information will be added to the site, but it has not been determined what exactly it will consist of. Woolen said that USAMRIID keeps a record of all incidents, no matter how minor, to help ensure the lab's safety, reports.