Genome Prairie announces new president and CEO

The Canadian non-profit genomics research group Genome Prairie recently announced that Dr. Reno Pontarollo, its current chief scientific officer, will become president and chief executive officer as of April 1.

Pontarollo will succeed Dr. Davin Gauthier. During the interim, the two plan to develop a long-term strategy focusing on the implementation of new regional research initiatives and partnerships.

"As chief scientific officer, Dr. Pontarollo demonstrated strong leadership that has resulted in the successful development and management of a number of large-scale research initiatives across Manitoba and Saskatchewan," Dr. Arnold Naimark, the chair of Genome Prairie's board of directors, said. "His commitment to the Prairie research community is well recognized and I am confident in his ability to lead the organization toward continued success."

Pontaroll's credentials include a PhD in veterinary microbiology from the University of Saskatchewan and a masters of business administration from Athabasca University. He has conducted research in genomics, molecular biology, vaccine development and immunology and has held appointments at the Canadian Department of National Defense Medical Countermeasures Section and the Vaccine and Infectious Disease Organization - International Vaccine Center.

"With Dr. Pontarollo's appointment as president and chief executive officer, Genome Prairie will be well positioned, as a leader and enabler of advanced applied bioscience projects and programs, to pursue strategic initiatives for the benefit of the prairie region and beyond and the further enhancement of Canada's standing in this critical area of science and technology," Naimark said.