Lithuanian ambassador presents letters of credence to OPCW

Darius Semaska, Lithuania's ambassador in the Netherlands, presented his letters of credence on Wednesday to Ahmet uzumcu, the director general of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons.

Semaska and uzumcu discussed further cooperation between Lithuania and the organization in preparation for the third review conference of the states parties of the Chemical Weapons Convention. The main focus of the meeting was to discuss how Lithuania has dealt with chemical weapons dumped around the country, particularly in the Baltic Sea, reports.

Semaska and uzumcu also spoke about the coordination of activities of EU member states within the OPCW when Lithuania takes over the presidency of the council in six months.

In December 2010, the United Nations adopted a resolution on sea-dumped chemical weapons after Lithuania initiated the resolution. At the time, multiple international events were organized in an effort to discuss the issue.

Evaldas Ignataviciaus, Lithuania's vice minister of foreign affairs, said that in response to the country's invitation, all nations in the world agreed to voluntarily exchange information about chemical munitions dumped at sea and the environmental consequences.

"The resolution invites member states and international organizations to take cooperative measures to assess the environmental effects related to waste originating from chemical munitions dumped at sea," Ignataviciaus said, according to "Chemical munitions include hazardous substances used for military purposes part of which only partially or hardly at all dissolve in water, but instead accumulate on the seabed and find their way into food chains."

The OPCW is an inter-governmental organization that promotes adherence to the Chemical Weapons Convention, which prohibits the use of and requires the destruction of chemical munitions, reports.