Indonesian intelligence suspects avian flu strain is the result of bioagent

Indonesia's top intelligence agency said that it is possible that a new strain of bird flu could be a form of biological weapon used by foreign nations.

The new strain of avian flu has killed thousands of ducks in the past few months. Indonesian National Intelligence Agency Chief Lt. Gen. Marciano Norman said that an investigation has yet to find proof that the outbreak is a form of biological attack or a test of biological weapons by a foreign country, according

"My agency has been following this phenomenon since the beginning," Norman said, reports. "We have to stay alert as the global development of biological weapons has been very fast. In the future, this kind of biological attack will be used in wars.

"We are closely monitoring developments. We cannot jump to conclusions without strong proof. We are asking relevant bodies with relevant competence to dig deeper into the new virus while we will back them up."

Coordinating Political, Legal and Security Affairs Minister Djoko Suyanto backed up Norman's suspicions. He said that it is possible that the virus was engineered for certain interests.

"Since the allegation came to us, we have formed a team to delve into it," Suyanto said, reports. "The team comprises of BIN and the Health Ministry, among others. "The allegations represent good input for us to stay vigilant to the possibility."