Israeli special forces teams tracking Syrian weapons

Israeli special forces teams are reportedly in Syria tracking down the regime's chemical and biological weapons, as well as attempting to confirm whether such weapons may be in the hands of opposition forces.

Multiple news agencies have quoted Middle Eastern intelligence sources as saying Israeli special forces are working as spotters inside Syria, according to WND.

"For years we've known the exact location of Syria's chemical and biological munitions," an Israeli source said, the London Sunday Times reports. "But in the past week we've got signs that munitions have been moved to new locations."

U.S. Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta recently said the Syrian government appears to have slowed or stopped any preparations to use chemical weapons, despite its launching of SCUD missiles, which can be loaded with chemical warheads, against the opposition last month.

"At this point the intelligence has really kind of leveled off," Panetta said, WND reports. "We haven't seen anything new indicating any aggressive steps to move forward in that way."

The Syrian government recently warned that opposition groups might use seized chemical weapons found at the now opposition-controlled Syrian-Saudi Chemicals Company factory against civilians in order to place blame on the Syrian Army and spark Western intervention.