Immunovaccine announces positive anthrax vaccine evaluations

Immunovaccine announced positive results on Thursday from an immunogenicity study evaluating anthrax vaccines formulated in its DepoVax platform.

The study comes as part of an ongoing biodefense research program initiated in February with a goal of utilizing the DepoVax adjuvanting technology to advance the development of next generation vaccines against the most threatening biological agents.

According to the recently released study, DepoVax-based vaccines were found to provide rapid and long lasting immune responses.

The study was conducted under the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases' Preclinical Services Program and examined immunogenicity and safety after either one or two doses.

No visible injection site reactions were found with DepoVax-formulated vaccines, and no evidence of systemic or local safety issues were noted in the study.

"Particularly impressive about these findings is the demonstration that DepoVax-formulated vaccines generate toxin neutralizing antibodies with one dose," Dr. Marc Mansour, the chief science officer of Immunovaccine, said. "These findings suggest the potential for DepoVax to enable the development of an effective and safe next generation anthrax vaccine."

Additional studies with NIAID Preclinical Services are planned, with an estimated start date of early 2013. The tests will examine the ability of neutralizing antibody response induced by a Depo-Vax-based vaccine to protect animals from challenge with anthrax.