India's intel services to prepare CBRN units

Indian intelligence agencies are reportedly investing in training and equipping dedicated chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear defense teams.

India's primary external intelligence agency, the Research and Analysis Wing, has identified CBRN weapons as a growing threat and responded by acquainting its units with the latest equipment and training. RAW is also reportedly emphasizing the collection of intelligence on the CBRN capabilities of foreign nations and terror groups, according to

India's internal intelligence agency, the Intelligence Bureau, plans to focus on preemptive action and post-event management. The agency's leaders said its new CBRN team will be raised using officers from its counterterrorism and personal security sections.

IB will be tasked with internal CBRN security, including defending important installations and VIPs from CBRN weapons.

Agency officials said that there is not even a remote possibility of an attack, but that the preparations would serve as a deterrent regardless. They also said that the intelligence services will need to work closely with the National Disaster Management Authority and the Defense Research and Development Organization as they plan their strategies, according to

The DRDO has already developed some CBRN technology, but is currently occupied producing CBRN equipment for the Indian Armed Forces and setting up a national emergency center to manage CBRN disasters.