German soldiers prepare Turkish province for Syrian chemical attack

German soldiers who recently arrived in Kahramanmaras, a southern province of Turkey, are conducting studies to determine the readiness of the area for a possible chemical attack by Syria.

The delegation of soldiers examined all state and private hospital units to determine the condition of buildings and devise a list of needs that must be fulfilled to ready the province for a chemical attack. The German soldiers also searched for hospitals in which they could receive treatment, if necessary, Hurriyet Daily News reports.

The German delegation also looked into hotels that could house the soldiers and met with Turk Telekom officials to look into potential communication breakdowns. The soldiers will make efforts to stop any potential shortcomings in the province's readiness.

Other studies are also being conducted with the province's Agriculture and Livestock Directorate to make sure that necessary measures are taken for potential infectious diseases and that food will remain available.

The United States, the Netherlands and Germany plan to supply ground-to-air missiles for the border between Turkey and Syria. Turkey requested the batteries after cross-border mortars from Syria killed five Turkish citizens in October.

Germany's Patriot missiles will be set approximately 120 kilometers from Syria's border in Kahramanmaras as part of a mandate that will run through January 31, 2014, AFP reports.