U.S. plans for contingencies with Syria

The United States is preparing for multiple outcomes in Syria, including being ready for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's use or transfer of chemical weapons.

Noel Clark, a U.S. state department spokesman, said that the U.S. is making contingency plans because it is the responsible thing to do. He said that the U.S. is actively consulting with allies, friends and the opposition, IBTimes reports.

"We continue to closely monitor Syria's proliferation-sensitive materials and facilities," Clarke said, according to IBTimes. "The international community is united on this issue, and the message to the Assad regime about our redlines has been very clear. We remain focused on supporting the opposition and working with like-minded countries on what more we can do to support a political transition that brings the conflict in Syria to an end."

The U.S. previously made it clear that if Syria used chemical weapons against its citizens the act would cross multiple red lines and potentially provoke a military intervention.

World leaders fear that a desperate al-Assad could use weapons of mass destruction against the people of Syria. There is also concern that if a;-Assad is defeated, the chemical weapons could end up with Hezbollah or another group at odds with the West.

Jeffrey White, a defense fellow at the Washington Institute, said that he did not think Hezbollah would want to take the weapons for fear of angering Israel, IBTimes reports.