Rebels in Syria are fear chemical weapon attack

The new military commander of Syria's rebel forces recently said that he is very afraid that Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad will use chemical weapons on his own people.

Gen. Salim Idris, a defector from the Syrian army, said that the rebels do not possess the means to seize and secure the chemical weapons. During an interview Idris said that rebels would be able to stop Al-Assad's regime within a month if given anti-aircraft weapons. He estimated it would take up to three months without foreign military help, Associated Press reports.

Idris said the rebels are attempting to monitor the chemical weapons sites possessed by the regime.

While Syria's U.N. ambassador recently said the regime would not use chemical weapons under any circumstances, recent U.S. intelligence reports found the regime could be readying the deadly weapons and might be willing to use them.

Idris said that the regime is both willing and able to use the weapons unless the international community intervenes.

"We know exactly where they are, and we are watching everything," Idris said, according to Associated Press. "But we don't have the capability to put them under our control."

U.S. President Barack Obama previously said that if the regime used the chemical weapons it would be a red line that could cause the U.S. to intervene militarily, Associated Press reports.