BWPP releases BioWeapons Monitor 2012

The BioWeapons Prevention Project, a network of civil society actors with the goal of permanently eliminating biological weapons, released the BioWeapons Monitor 2012 this month to report on Biological Weapons Convention-related activities.

The report compiles reports of activities related to biological weapons in eight countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Kenya, Japan, India, Germany and Brazil. Authors in each country collected and analyzed information from government departments, scientific societies, industry, research institutions and open sources in creating the report.

The BioWeapons Monitor is meant to work with governments in their efforts to effectively apply the Biological Weapons Convention and achieve their goals in permanently eliminating biological weapons and preventing them from reemerging.

The report evaluated the eight countries on their general policy statements on bioweapons, the status of their life science and biotechnology industry, biodefense activities and facilities, maximum and high biological safety level facilities, research on smallpox and policy on smallpox destruction, dual use research of immediate misuse potential, vaccine production, suspicious outbreaks of disease, allegations and hoaxes, national legislation and regulations, codes of conduct, education and awareness raising, confidence-building measures participation, participating in BWC meetings, and past bioweapons development and use.

In future years, the authors of the report plan to extend coverage of the report to include all three standing agenda items of the intersessional process of the BWC.