Soldiers host CBRNE exercise at Fort Hood

Soldiers participated in a culmination exercise last week at Fort Hood, Texas, including drills related to chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear training.

Soldiers from the 1st Centurion Brigade Special Troops Battalion, 1st Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Division took part in Operation Centurion Warrior between December 10 and December 12. The soldiers also trained in other tasks and drills including weapons functions, grenade training, improvised explosive device training, land navigation, personnel searches, communications, first aid and reconnaissance, DVIDS reports.

Second Lt. Brian Ermatinger, the primary facilitator of the training exercise, said that the exercise used the crawl-walk-run training model and concentrated on basic skills soldiers must know and be proficient at when training or in combat.

"It involves everyone from the company commander all the way down to the individual soldier in leading and developing them," Ermatinger said, according to DVIDS.

The army warrior tasks and battle drills are required annually to give soldiers the opportunity to improve on current tasks and learn additional tasks.

Spc. Gustavo Gutierrez, a combat engineer, said that the IED training was particularly important because it could be forgotten if it was not taught annually.

"It's a perishable skill that needs to be taught," Gutierrez said, according to DVIDS.

Ermatinger added that he thought the exercise went well and that it was positive for morale.