German military association warns about lack of proper CBRN equipment for Turkey-bound force

A German soldiers' association recently expressed concern that German troops deployed to the Turkish-Syria border would not be properly equipped to defend against a chemical, biological or nuclear attack.

The German government recently agreed to send 400 troops to the region to man patriot anti-missile batteries, prompting the protest by Ulrich Kirsch, the chairman of the military organization Bundeswehrverband, according to

"Initially, the operation in Turkey for the two patriot squadrons looked well-planned," Kirsch said, reports.

However, Kirsch complained that there was no concrete plan in place to shield troops from weapons of mass destruction. He said if Syrian President Bashar al-Assad were to use his chemical arsenal, having the technology in Germany would not help the soldiers along the Syrian border.

The German government overwhelmingly approved of the measure with support from both the Green Party and the Social Democrats. The troops, which will be part of a larger NATO mission, are expected to arrive in January and be in place for approximately one year.

German Defense Minister Thomas de Maizière said that the deployment would help to stabilize the region.

"The deterrent serves to ensure that the [chemical] capability does not become an intention," de Maizière said, reports.