FBI continues search for bank robber who used anthrax threat

The FBI is continuing its search this week for a cross-dressing bank robber who claimed to have a suitcase full of anthrax at a Monrovia, California, bank on December 5.

Laura Eimiller, a Los Angeles-based FBI spokesman, said on Thursday that the suspect is being called the French Tip Bandit because of his painted fingernails, Monrovia Patch reports.

"The tellers specifically described the polish on his fingernails as candy apple red with a white trim," Eimiller said, according to Monrovia Patch.

The man was dressed in Ugg boots and a women's velour track suit when he claimed to have an anthrax-filled suitcase and demanded money at the Chase Bank on December 5.

"He said there was anthrax in the briefcase, please give me the money," Michael Lee, a Monrovia police department lieutenant, said, according to Monrovia Patch. "He took the briefcase and fled."

Bank employees did not identify the suspect in a photo lineup. The French Tip Bandit is not thought to be involved in any prior bank robberies.

A driver was waiting for the suspect during the robbery and drove him away in a late-model Chrysler PT Cruiser.

Eimiller said that police did not think the robber's anthrax was a credible threat, the Pasadena Star-News reports.